Filing period closes on contested races for Howard County

The end of the political filing season was sounded at noon, Monday, by the tinkling sound of a white, porcelain bell rung up and down the hallway of the county courthouse by Reba Sharp, secretary of the Howard County Democratic Party.
The Democratic Party ballot contains two races for constitutional offices, two for positions on the quorum court, and a race for constable.
Election day for the Primary Election is Tuesday, May 20, and early voting begins May 5. Persons wishing to vote by absentee may apply at the County Clerk’s office. Absentee ballots will be sent out beginning April 4, County Clerk Brenda Washburn said, Monday.
The last day to register and be eligible to vote in the election is April 20, and Washburn says that persons who register or apply for an absentee ballot must show photo identification, as they must at the polls.
Washburn urged persons who have married or moved to check with her office to make sure that they are still a registered voter.
Candidates will draw later for ballot positions.
Persons and races which will appear on the ballot (with names as they will appear on the ballot) include:
Howard County
County Judge — Kevin S. Smith
Sheriff & Collector — Bryan K. McJunkin, Dale Pierce
Tax Assessor — Debbie Teague
County Clerk — Brenda Washburn
Circuit Clerk — Laurie Westfall, Angie Lewis
County Treasurer — Sheri Mixon
County Coroner — John Gray
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 1 (North) — Kerry Strasner
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 2 (Dierks) — Archie W. Cothren
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 3 (Central — Richard ‘Dick’ Wakefield, Kimberly Renee’ Adams Dunham
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 4 (Rural) — Janice Huffman
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 5 (Nashville D1) — Jerry Harwell
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 6 (Nashville D2) — Brent Pinkerton
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 7 (Nashville D3) — Martha S. Hobbs
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 8 (Southwest) — D.E. Ray, Jeanie S. Gorham
Justice of the Peace, Dist. 9 (South) — Bobby Don Turner
City of Nashville
Mayor — Billy Ray Jones
City Clerk — Mary L. Woodruff
Nashville Alderman:
Ward 1 — Pos. 1, Freddy L. Brown; Pos. 2, Joe Hoen
Ward 2 — Pos. 1, Donna Harwell; Pos. 2, Nick Davis
Ward 3 — Pos. 1, Monica D. Clark; Pos. 2, Vivian Annie Wright
Ward 4 — Pos. 1, Jimmie Lou Kirkpatrick; Pos. 2, Sharon K. Gathright
Ward 5 — Pos. 1, James L. Parker; Pos. 2, Carol Mitchell
Ward 6 — Pos. 1, Andy Anderson; Pos. 2, Michael C. Milum
Constable, Brewer Township — Dwain Wildbur, Jeremy W. Pickett
Tri-Lakes Water District Board — James C. White
Former city water department administrative assistant Mary Woodruff has filed for the new office of City Clerk, and new faces seeking seats on the city council include Joe Hoen and Donna Harwell.
There are two races for justice of the peace. Incumbent Dick Wakefield faces opposition from Kim Dunham in District 3, and incumbent Jeanie Gorham has opposition from D.E. Ray in District 8.

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