FBLA project for hospital raises $1,800

By Jana Copeland
Leader staff
Nashville High School junior Rachel Dawson, District 4 President ¬†and the State Vice President of FBLA put together a community fundraiser for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
They made announcements over the intercom at school for anyone that had been a patient at this hospital or knew someone from Nashville that had. They were instructed to pick up a sheet from the office and turn pictures in of when they were a patient and now. There were 27 patients and 5 doctors and staff members recognized.
Dawson put all of the information and pictures into a video, which was shown over a period of three nights at the Regional Basketball Tournament.
“We earned around $1,800 and that was such a blessing. My expectation was about $300-$400, and God just multiplied and touched people’s hearts to give. I am so beyond grateful.”
Her helpers were Terri McJunkins, Katelyn Smith, her family, Lydia Gaddis and many others who held the buckets.
“I would like to thank everyone who helped in this community service project and everyone who donated money for this amazing cause.”

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